Peri Menopause Symptoms 2

Weight Gain

Many women gain weight during Peri Menopause. This is the body’s reaction to the diminishing estrogen levels. Estrogen is stored in our fat cells.

Decreased Sex Drive

Often during Peri Menopause women experience a loss of sexual desire. Some of the factors contributing to this are:

  • Hormonal imbalance – most notably the natural fall of Progesterone production which is crucial to libido – this in itself can wash away sexual desire
  • Vaginal dryness and thinning of the vaginal wall – this is the effect of declining estrogen levels. This can make sex painful
  • Urinary tract infections or stress incontinence may affect a woman’s desire for sex
  • Fatigue caused by hormonal imbalance saps your energy for and interest in sex
  • Adrenal exhaustion lowers the hormones that fuel sexual response


Headaches are common during Peri Menopause. Migraines have been associated with hormonal imbalance in some women. Migraines can accompany hot flashes and PMS symptoms in Peri Menopause.

Inability To Concentrate

Fuzzy thinking… what was I saying? Impaired memory and inability to concentrate are common peri menopause symptoms.

You can sometimes forget what you are doing… right in the middle of doing it! Or find yourself re-reading the same sentence? Fortunately, this temporary loss of mental function doesn’t mean you are losing your mind or on the road to getting Alzheimer’s.

It is simply the sudden shifts in hormonal balance the occur so frequently in Peri Menopause that are probably the root cause of “Fuzzy thinking.” Estrogen and progesterone are key neurotransmitters in the brain and when you suffer from hormonal imbalance their levels are in flux. This too shall pass!

Feeling Depressed Or Overwhelmed

Hormonal imbalance in Peri Menopause leaves women more emotionally vulnerable.

Peri menopause symptoms such as this can be caused by the issues that a woman has to face at this time in her life like: changes in career, changes in marriage, children growing up and leaving home, responsibilities of caring for ageing parents and many other stress related issues.

Because a woman can feel more disoriented and confused during this time of change in her life, she is more susceptible to feeling depressed and overwhelmed. If these feelings become acute, she should consult a health care provider.

Mood Swings And Irritability

Peri menopause symptoms such as mood swings and irritability are no fun for anyone. These may seem like two different problems but they are both related to hormonal imbalance. By “mood swing” we usually mean a reaction that isn’t appropriate to what triggered it.

And by “irritability” we mean an angry or impatient reaction to something that happens. An underlying cause of these reactions may be fatigue… and if you are having hot flashes or insomnia you are bound to be fatigued!

But these emotional reactions can also be the result of sudden shifts in hormonal balance which are so characteristic of peri menopause symptoms ( pre menopause symptoms

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